Brainspanning @ Work

a Brainspanners™ corporate wellness program

What is a Brainspanner?

When it comes to your health, you know what you should weigh. You may know your cholesterol levels. You probably know your blood pressure. Maybe, just maybe, you even know your vitamin and mineral status. But do you know how healthy your brain is? The question is: “what have you done for your brain today?”

Estimated cost of poor mental health in the workplace (Canada)

$50billion Annual economic cost (CAD) $6billion Annual indirect cost related to lost productivity (CAD)

Source: Deloitte analysis.

Lifespan, that’s simply the number of years you’ll spend on this planet. Healthspan, however, is the number of years you will live in good health. Brainspan on the other hand is the number of years you will live in good health with excellent cognitive faculty. When you eat an optimal diet, practice your best lifestyle, and use nutrients that optimize brainspan, you are brainspanning!

About your host

A leading Functional Medicine Expert Bryce Wylde is your corporate wellness program host. Bryce has more than 20 years clinical experience and 10 years experience in delivering corporate wellness seminars. Bryce is a leading health expert and clinician at P3 Health in Toronto, Chief Innovations Officer at Brain Armor Inc, author of three best-selling books, previous host of CTV’s Wylde On Health, and regular guest health expert / medical advisor on “The Doctor Oz” show.

The opportunity

There is an opportunity to optimize creative routines and maximize productivity for your employees. We believe that productivity starts with building a better brain. We don’t rely on motivational speeches or work performance questionnaires. Our approach is much simpler.

Over the course of a 3-hour workshop we will share the latest in brain health research, technologies, genetics, lab tests, and natural health products with a focus on best in class omega-3 fatty acids, to empower everyone in your company and help each employee build their best brain.

Each participant in the workshop will have their omega-3 fatty acid index levels tested using a simple blood prick test. Blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids are directly related to brain function, depression, mood, anxiety, alertness, attention, and concentration – in other words, productivity.

Productivity in the workplace

For many of us, a large part of our week is spent at work. Research shows that the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. Your job can make a huge impact on your health, happiness, and overall quality of life.

Absenteeism is an employee’s intentional or habitual absence from work. Generally, employers expect workers to miss a certain number of workdays each year, but excessive absences can equate to decreased productivity and can have a major effect on company finances, morale and other factors.

On the other hand, presenteeism as the act of showing up to work sick, injured, overly fatigued or otherwise not operating at normal levels of productivity isn’t much better. Research shows that presenteeism due to illness, depression or other ailments is a common but often unaddressed issue that can be very costly. The Journal of the American Medical Association has reported that depression set U.S. employers back some $35 billion a year in reduced performance at work.

However, mental and emotional presenteeism extends well beyond a diagnosis of depression. At the route of the issue is stress, anxiety, and mood disturbances leading to sleep interruption, energy depletion, poor memory, and a lack of attention, focus, and concentration. Burnout is the complete exhaustion of a person, often defined as a complete physical or mental collapse, caused primarily by overwork or work-related stress.

Burnout leaves people feeling exhausted, stressed, frustrated and/or unmotivated, and can lead to high levels of presenteeism in the workplace. Burnout is commonly caused by long working days, a poor work-life balance, never-ending to-do lists and a lack of support.

Brownout on the other hand is probably one of the most common underlying causes of presenteeism. It is not as serious as burnout, but it can have a similar negative impact on the workplace and productivity. Brownout is when a person is tired, withdrawn, disinterested and discontent with their job role or workplace. The employee still comes to work but struggles to motivate themselves to do well, isn’t as proactive as they once were, and shows little interest in work activities or relationships.

Employees who have a healthy, engaged brain are a company’s greatest competitive advantage. But, for most companies there is about to be a very real cost of employee disengagement due to brain drain. This will inevitably translate into significant financial loss - both personal and corporate. It is known as “presenteeism” and it is a disease that will plague the workforce of 2020 and for years to come.

Did you know that the brain interprets “social pain” much like physical pain?

Many companies are about to witness that they are in danger of losing top performers to presenteeism because they have been hit by “Emotional Concussion”. The good news is that emotional concussion and subsequent presenteeism is avoidable.

To effectively re-engage your employees during this coronavirus crisis, a Corporate Brain Reboot Camp powered by Brainspanners™ is exactly what your company needs to get it’s workforce back on track to optimal productivity.

Key takeaways

Each participant will learn about optimizing their brain as it relates to:

  • Stress
  • Energy
  • Intelligence
  • Memory
  • Mood
  • Damage
  • Sleep
  • Detoxification
  • Focus
  • And insights on the Gut-Brain connection

Program includes

  • 3 hour (virtual) Seminar with Functional Medicine Expert Bryce Wylde
  • 60-day supply of Brain Armor
  • Pre/Post Omega-3 Index Testing
  • Copy of the Brainspanners Book
  • Access to Cognitive Testing & Reporting
  • Bi-monthly Brainspanners Newsletter

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For more information and program pricing

please contact

Brad Caister
416 520 7871

Jay Prentice
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